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    Seoul Animation Center

    Seoul Animation Center   Ani PicnicGo on a picnic to Seoul with Korea’s most-loved animation characters!Pororo, Tayo, Super Wings, Sofy Ruby, Slow Slow Sloth Neul, Wonderland Alice, and many other characters are waiting for you at famous photo zones in Seoul!   Comics CafeComics Cafe is a cartoon library wide-open to all cartoon lovers.From old-school comics to the latest animations, you can read 30,000 books for free. If you are looking for a place to park yourself in this busy city, come and immerse yourself into the cultural multiplex of Comics Cafe.  

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    Kyochon Chicken

    There are various kinds of fried chicken restaurants in Korea. If it's hard to choose because there are many chicken restaurants, we recommend you try Kyochon Chicken.If you order boneless chicken at an additional cost, it's more convenient to eat. The most popular dish of Kyochon Chicken is "Honey Boneless Chicken" with a sweet taste. Image Source 1. Official website 2. Dubai Advantage 

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    Yongho Nakji

    Korea is famous for stir-fried octopus with spicy sauce. This restaurant is famous for stir-fried shrimp and octopus.Fresh seafood tastes good. Also, you can experience the spicy taste of Korea.Image Source1. whereisit(KR)2. Naver Smart Place 

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    Supsok Hanbang Land

    Various entertainments are available at Supsok Hanbang Land.Various activities such as jjimjilbang, karaoke, shooting range, and arcade are available, so various people such as family, couples, and friends visit.This place have appeared on TV a lot, and we recommend to eat the grilled garaetteok after spending time in a hot charcoal kiln! Strongly recommend you to visit. Image Source1. Naver Smart Place

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    SPAREX Sauna

    Enjoy Korea's unique spa culture at SPAREX. You can sweat in various concepts of jjimjilbang or sleep comfortably in a warm loess room.Try Sikhye and baked eggs for dessert. It's open 24 hours a day, so you can visit anytime. Image Source1. Naver Smart Place

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    Chuncheon Dakgalbi

    Dakgalbi is one of Koreans' favorite dishes! We recommend spicy stir-fried chicken. You can add various ingredients such as sweet potatoes or rice cakes as well as vegetables, and you also can eat it less spicy if you put cheese on it.We strongly recommend you to taste Korean fried rice at last step.Image Source1. Sogong-dong Restaurant Tour2. Naver Smart Place

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    Hwapo Sikdang

    Hwapo Sikdang is a popular grilled pork restaurant in Bukchangdong. It is famous for its reasonable price among restaurants near Seoul City Hall. Enjoy a Korean barbecue at a Hwapo restaurant that is perfect in quality, taste, and service.Image Source 1. Hwapo Sikdang official website

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    Namdaemun Market

    Namdaemun market is famous for spicy braised hairtail stew at Seoul's hairtail alley.Kalguksu (Korean noodle soup) alley is always crowded by visitors due to its generous amount and resonable price.You also can enjoy Hotteok filled with vegetables and noodles.Image Source1. Namdaemun market offical website2. Pinterest

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    Hyoja Bakery

    It is a 40-year-old bakery certified by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as a baker. It is a place widely loved for its taste that can be enjoyed by all ages and men.Image Source1. Naver Smart Place2. Timeout

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    It is a retro-inspired hanok cafe that sells various kinds of bread that goes well with coffee.You can buy many goods such as cute cups and coffee beans.Image Source: Fritz official facebook

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    Café Layered

    Café Layered is famous for its exotic atmosphere and unique design. You can taste a variety of scone that is usually hard to see.The scones are large, so they are good for breakfast.Image Source1. Naver Smart Place2. Café Layered official facebook

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    Café Knotted

    Café Knotted is a dessert cafe where you can taste various kinds of cream donuts, and its representative menu is milk cream donuts.Even if you don't usually like whipped cream, it's easy to enjoy. Besides donuts, there are bagels and cakes.Image Source1. Naver Smart Place2. Café Knotted official facebook

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    This is Jeonju Bean Sprout Rice Soup restaurant introduced in the Korean cartoon "Food Guest."With a warm soup, you can feel comfortable after a meal even if you don't have any side dishes. It is recommended for those who prefer a deep taste that is not stimulating.Image Source1. Sambekjip official website2. Sambekjip official facebook

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    Mengxiang82 is a Taiwanese dessert nougat cracker store located in Lotte department Store. They sell 5 types of crackers, and we recommend all-in-one that you can taste all kinds.Image Source1. Mengxiang82 official website2. REDTABLE

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    Yeonhui Patisserie

    Yeonhui Patisserie is a French dessert shop located in Shinsegae Department Store.The main menu is the canule, which is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.Image Source: Yeonhui Patisserie offical instagram

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    It is a Japanese-style cafe with a cozy and quiet atmosphere, and its main menu is cafe latte and Matcha latte. Tiramisu is famous as well.Image Source: Gabaedo official homepage

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    Molto Italian Espresso Bar

    The Malto Italian espresso bar is famous for its view of Myeongdong Cathedral. We recommend you try espresso and dessert named Canoncini. They also have a variety of meal menus.Image Source1. Community Town2. Page Myeongdong3. Oneslist

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    It is an Indian restaurant located near Myeongdong Cathedral.It is popular because it is a restaurant where you can see Myeong-dong Cathedral and Namsan Mountain together.Image Source1. Naver Smart Place2. Korea Tourism Organization's official homepage

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    It's an old-fashioned restaurant run by a Chinese.If you're looking for a different taste of jajangmyeon, Korean style noodle, than usual, we recommend Uni-jjajang, the representative menu of this restaurant.Image Source: Mango Plate

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    Ranju Ramien

    It is a Chinese restaurant characterized by "dosakmyeon," which is cut with a knife and has an irregular shape.We recommend ordering jjamppong and guobaorou as a set.Image Source1. Naver Smart Place2. Dining Code

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    Yibuk Mandu

    This is a North Korean-style dumpling restaurant that has been in the family business for three generations.We recommend you to enjoy the taste of dumplings.Image Source1. Naver Smart Place2. Google